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Securing skilled employees

Specialized personnel is an essential factor for a future-oriented and competitive existence of companies in the Ostholstein district. Especially when it comes to succession planning, qualified employees are sought in almost all sectors with corresponding apprenticeships being offered. As many apprenticeship places in Ostholstein could not be filled in the past years, many companies across various sectors see their existence increasingly threatened. Due to the demographic change and the growing personnel needs in the knowledge-intensive segments, this growing tendency is likely to increase in the coming years.

We support companies in securing supraregional skilled employees 

Even though the securing of the next generation of skilled employees is primarily the task of companies, social partners and economic participants, we make it our responsibility as the business development association of the Ostholstein district, to support our companies in the best possible way with the coordination of local advertising and supraregional recruitment of skilled workers.

We do this by working closely with our partners from the Hansebelt and the Employment Agency in Lübeck. The recruitment of national and international skilled employees and the location marketing support given to companies are the two main pillars of the Hansebelt.  It is the declared aim of the Lübeck Employment Agency to support companies with the recruitment of national and international skilled employees and also to integrate people, previously inactive in the labour market, into employment.  

Do you need support for your company? Please contact us – together we will find a solution.  

We ensure work experience and apprenticeships of the future

Work Experience Hansebelt

Training Atlas Ostholstein

To provide better orientation for students in their search for a suitable apprenticeship in Ostholstein and to bundle available apprenticeship spots in the district, the third edition of the Training Atlas for Ostholstein has already been published in cooperation with the district, the Ostholstein Education Authority, the Ostholstein District Artisan Association and the Business Association Ostholstein-Plön e.V. In addition to an overview of the most important training professions with concrete offers from companies in Ostholstein, it contains tips and information on the application process, company apprenticeship and vocational schools as well as food for thought on many associated topics like financial support.

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