Ostholstein's economic strength is characterised by small and medium-sized businesses and their diversity. In addition to the construction industry or the manufacturing industry, companies from trade, healthcare and tourism (accommodation & hospitality) in particular form the economic backbone of the region today. Industries that have traditionally been important in the Ostholstein district, such as crafts, agriculture or public administration, continue to play a major role as well. In recent years, the fields of renewable energies and the digital economy have developed rapidly not only throughout Germany, but also regionally, so that these sectors are currently playing and will continue to play an increasingly significant role in the future. 

Employees and establishments by economic sector in Ostholstein
Employees subject to social security contributions by economic sector 201730. Juni
202230. Juni
Trade 9,974 10,488
Healthcare 7,642 8,314
Manufacturing industries 7,092 7,376
Catering 6,691 7,655
Shelters and social services 5,639 5,693
Construction industry 3,820 4,251
Real estate, professional, scientific and technical services 3,078 3,529
Public administration 3,321 3,660
Metal, electrical and steel industry 2,242 3,339
Other services 2,845 2,979
Transportation and storage 2,661 2,383


Number of establishments by economic sector 201730. Juni
202230. Juni
Trade 1,199 1,199
Catering 882 981
Construction industry 602 624
Professional, scientific and technical services 343 350
Other scientific requirements 398 480
Health and social services 636 651
Other services 290 306
Manufacturing industries 315 305
Real estate and housing 284 311
Arts, entertainment and recreation 137 152
Energy supply 21 24

Source: Business register