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Business & Start-Up Consultancy

The continued existence of the companies in the Ostholstein district in the long term as well as the safeguarding and creation of high-quality jobs is our top priority as a business development agency. It is for this purpose that we offer all start-ups and companies in Ostholstein customised and free consultancy options and, as an independent partner, lend you our competent support with all operational issues. Be it establishing a company, business expansion or taking over a company - we will guide you step by step. Get to know us and benefit from our expertise.

The path to self-employment requires good preparation, because depending on the setup situation, it is important to carefully plan the individual start-up steps and thus create the prerequisites for ...

Be it through retirement, an emergency or due to a change in management – at some point, the time will come to initiate the takeover for company owners ...

We provide assistance on the following topics:


Digital change is no longer limited to classic IT and high-tech companies – technological developments are already part of our everyday communication, our consumption or the tranfer of information. If this change is seen as an opportunity, there is enormous potential for development for all companies across all branches of the economy. Small and medium-sized companies in particular benefit from digital skills and digitally trained staff or even set themselves apart from others in the competition to expand their market potential. For instance, data can be made available immediately, productivity or efficiency can be increased or costs in the field of marketing can be presented more transparently. 

In order to support companies in their digitisation projects, the federal government has launched the "Digital Jetzt" (Digital Now) initiative , a funding programme that subsidises investments in the areas of procurement, administration, marketing and sales.

Digibonus II

As part of the REACT-EU funding initiative, the programme supports the digitisation activities of small companies with a maximum of 20 employees. Companies should digitally transform their products, services and processes and improve their IT security in order to make better use of the economic opportunities offered by digitisation. Investments in hardware and software, including the necessary services, are funded.

Eligible projects are:

  • Improvement of IT security,
  • Improvement of digital business models,
  • Digitalisation of processes, products and procedures.

The grant can amount to up to 50% of the eligible expenses, but not more than 17,000 euros.

Companies as well as non-profit companies and associations are eligible to apply, provided they are permanently economically active and have their headquarters or permanent establishment in Schleswig-Holstein and do not have more than 20 employees. Freelancers working in their main occupation are also eligible to apply.

Further information on the general conditions and on how to apply via the WT.SH

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